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1. Why is Greece special, and how do we get to the heart of ancient Greece?

Discovering Greece before getting there

I’ve been fascinated by Greece ever since I first heard of the great poet Homer, and since then subconsciously I’ve thought of Greece..

2. What was the Greek conception of life? A brief article contrasting the ideals of Hellenic culture with modern civilization.

On the Greek mind, Hellenic culture and us ‘moderns’

γνῶθι σεαυτόν  |  Know thyself What was the Greek conception of life? At the very start of the classic work ‘The Human..

3. What about Greek ‘city states’ led to democratic ideas in later Europe? How did life in ancient Athens shape European thought and culture? Some aspects of Greece’s political existence..

The participative democracy of Greek city states

Greece is not a particularly large nation, being just a tad larger than the state of New York in the US or the state of Tamil Nadu in..

4. Where are the sculptors? On the art of sculpture, the bounds of Greek expression and integrality in expression

On the spirit of Greek art and sculpture

Where are the Sculptors? Try and name three sculptors – from anywhere. Hard, isn’t it? Amongst the moderns, we may be able to..

On a related note : Critiquing art – Form, Spirit and Intention

5. How much does the poetry of a nation affect its culture? What gave Greek poetry its characteristic power? Without Homer, without the Iliad and the Odyssey, there would be no Greece..

On the power of Greek poetry

The Greeks found it hard to realize political unity, but they were bound together psychologically through the soul-revealing words of..

6. Ancient Greece’s emphasis on beauty and strength can be felt everywhere, even in their ancient ruins. On physical culture, perfectibility and the experience of visiting Archaia Olympia in Greece..

Archaia Olympia, the Greeks and Physical culture

We are now in the thick of the Olympian spirit; the games have started, and our modern age is celebrating the athletic ideal just as..