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Amal Kiran – The Challenge of Repression and Genocide

                    ll over India the minds of men are both anguished and perplexed. The tragedy of the Hindu population in East Bengal is not only terrible but seems to reach down to basic problems of inter-dominion ethics. That is why even the anguish is doubled: there […]

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Kashmir, Pakistan and the Indo-Afghan Treaty

Article by Amal Kiran on Azad Kashmir, Pakistan's true nature and the significance of the Indo-Afghan Treaty

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Kashmir – International Cockpit

                      Kashmir- International Cockpit The Vital World-Issues at Stake hen President Truman and Prime Minister Attlee made an appeal to India and Pakistan to submit to arbitration on the Kashmir issue, what had appeared to many people a purely local affair, a merely Indo-Pak problem, […]

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South Asia’s Geography of Conflict [Robert Kaplan]

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Quite an insightful piece if you’re curious about India vis-a-vis its neighbors, dynamics, millenia-spanning history, and possible paths ahead. If you will be printing it, page #s are 5-19. The Conclusion is below, if you’re rope-walking the taut bow of Time 🙂 Among modern-day writers/thinkers, I find Robert Kaplan to be extraordinary. I do have […]

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