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2 – How Hinduism was influenced by Buddhism

Part of the Buddha and Shankara series. Examines pre-Buddhistic Hinduism vs post-Buddhistic Hinduism and how later Indian spirituality: accepted & combined Buddha + Shankara.

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4 – The effect of Shankara’s Illusionism on the life of India

Well-known spiritual leaders of our time are renunciates, and still posit moksha and mukti as the goal. If we simply ask "how did this happen?" we come to recognize how profoundly Shankara and Buddha's thought have influenced India.

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1 – When the heresy of Buddhism seized hold of India

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The Age of Epics has as its Grand Finale the colloquy of Krishna at Kurukshetra, a tremendous new synthesis of spiritual knowledge for India and the world. Seven hundred profound verses that “will yet liberate humanity”. But the work and effect of the Gita’s gospel of action – in the world – was hampered by […]

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