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A brief look at France, India, China and the US

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Just sharing some observations here – As I’ve just moved to a new country (France), I was trying to understand France w.r.t India, and perhaps w.r.t the US too, so I started looking up the CIA world fact book available online [1] and put this together.After I got the numbers from this source, I jotted […]

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A Guide to Applying (US, Engineering)

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A guide I’d written in 2003, for students coming to the US, based on my own experiences and learnings from others. Detailed, but hasn’t been revisited since mid-2004. Hopefully still somewhat useful.. [scribd id=50281630 key=key-1xhn96xgby1m5uasqnrq mode=list] Last updated : 1st June, 2004

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